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Quitting my job to work at home for $20 an hour did not sit well with me.

The average virtual assistant makes around $20 per hour.

If you ever heard the TikTok gurus who do admin work, homeschool kids, travel the world and still make $10,000 it’s just not possible.

You’re quitting your job to make more money but you have to work double the hours, and you still don’t have time to travel, pick up kids, watch Netflix or sleep!

Assuming all you want to do is work from home and grow your bank account, you still have to deal with all the demands that come with the admin role.

Imagine This...

  • Meeting with 9 clients for an hour every Monday

  • Answering emails from 9 inboxes

  • Responding to texts from 9 clients and all team members

  • Tracking hours for each client

If you have to schedule 9 people with different business models, you’ll be spending so much time on your computer, you won’t even have time to order lunch from Uber Eats.

Now lemme tell you how the first few weeks as a virtual assistant may go…

Phase One:

You’ll apply for every admin or social media management position, but 200 others also will

Phase Two:

When you finally start to land clients, they only wanted to hire you for 10 hours a month at $20 an hour and that’s really not going to pay the bills or allow you to travel the world

Phase Three:

You'll be fully booked and still not clearing 5k per month... there will be absolutely no time for more clients…

You’ll be EXHAUSTED (and by then your kids will keep sobbing “you’re alwayssssss working)”.

Phase Four:

Then, there are just those clients who will question every minute on your invoice and imply that there is no way you worked all those hours.

This is why people spend years trying to figure out how to get started. 

They have no standout skills to set them apart in a sea of admin VAs willing to take ANY job for cents. 

With all the inconsistent billable hours and clients who have admin tasks this week and none next week… who’s gonna give up a “secure” job to hunt tirelessly for $20 part time gigs that can’t pay the bills?

After many long days and nights as a virtual assistant (and being interrogated down to the minute about invoices)...

There is no way I wanted another client to dictate my money.

Some felt admin tasks were so basic and worthless - I knew I had to become skilled in a niche that people wouldn’t question my credibility, my value or my hours!

I saw my admin clients struggle with their tech and fail at every automation.

I spent endless hours down the rabbit hole Googling and watching YouTube videos trying to learn software skills before the 7 day free trials ran out.

This wasn’t quite beginner friendly and this method came with overwhelm and regret.

I asked my clients and business friends what they hated about setting up the tech.

With loads of information, I was on a mission to QUICKLY learn how to adapt to new platforms FAST without taking a MILLION courses or enrolling in every expensive certification.

Niching down to one software didn’t appeal to me because I’d shrink my pool of clients.

So I reluctantly asked my clients if I could play with their systems and one trusted me and said YES!

As I poked around, it struck me, what if I could change the way you understood tech and automations so you could say yes -

REGARDLESS of the platform your clients were using?

I put pen to iPad and made an ugly drawing of what I now call

(now a much prettier version)

It’s been 8 years since I started whipping up systems

I’m pretty confident that I can pull a full automation strategy out of a hat and set it up on the fly.

My students that are still pushing 9-5s are excited that they can make money on the side quickly and build up their portfolio before officially quitting.

When I got the news from Funnel Gorgeous® (a multi million dollar SaaS company) that 3 of my students secured full benefits, remote roles because they had taken my course I felt every bit of pride. I knew putting these pieces together was well worth it. 

They both had the same thing in common…

They had no idea what working online was before they found me but they knew they needed a way to make money from anywhere.  

They wanted to experience the priceless things without sacrificing dollars or hours.

They didn’t care that they were going to be brand new, especially having no idea how the tech all comes together. They wanted a way to live flexible livestyles, be present at kids' activities, hang out with family and friends and never be burnt out… 

The Automation Pro Method has given me the luxury to country hop all summer long with my family, have epic experiences and I want to bring you on this journey with me!

"At Funnel Gorgeous we currently have three (out of eight) employees who came directly from LaToya's group"

Posting to LaToya's hire form has repeatedly helped our hiring and employee retention process. At Funnel Gorgeous we currently have three (out of eight) employees who came directly from LaToya's group and all three of them are amazing!

They are attentive to detail, fast learners, skilled in tech, and great team members. They take initiative on new projects and they consistently execute on complex tasks.

Hiring the right person can be a time consuming task, but every time we go through it, LaToya's hire form is one of the first places we post because we know we'll quickly find qualified and excited applicants."

Hey Hey!!

I'm LaToya Russell

I am an automation expert and coach sprinkling fairy dust on the automation industry. I'm owner of The OBM Office LLC, a consultancy that curates custom operations and automation strategies for 6 - 9 figure entrepreneurs and corporations, and provides automation training for teams and clients.

I have been where you are, I side hustled on a part-time basis for 6 years alongside my full-time administrative and management positions.  I started as a general virtual assistant and quickly added a skillset that evolved and stepped into a more specialized role as an automation specialist for my clients.  

I have now helped hundreds of women and moms confidently start and grow their remote businesses in tech and automation.  

I am extremely passionate about helping businesses save time and make money by setting up and growing with the correct systems and showing others how to master automation and better service their clients in that capacity.

Work wherever you want...

Sleep whenever you want...

and Cook dinner before sun down

when you join us in...

Start a manageable side hustle so you can quit your job, enjoy life, and make six figures with the ‘Travel Approved’ tech course for women craving flex time.

Perfect for Women

in any career! 

  • Corporate 

  • Retail

  • Beauty 

  • Freelancing

  • Home Improvement

  • Education

  • Food & Beverage

  • Performing Arts

  • Medical

  • SAHM

  • Ancillary   

Here’s what’s included in your

Certified Marketing Automation Specialist Course

Phase One

The Language of Automation

It’s time to take the guesswork out of automation by bringing you to the very beginning. You’ll see through a series of exercises, just how easy it is to start thinking like an automations expert.

By the time you finish this module, you won’t even believe that you were brand spanking new to automation!

You'll get the knowledge to analyze and design automations that attract premium clients. Plus, I'll share my personal tips and tricks to get you there swiftly. Say goodbye to doubts and hello to confidence in your automation strategy!

  • First, you’ll learn the concepts of automation and its significance so that you understand how to make the plans in your head before pulling out your pen. 

  • Then we jump into WHAT you need to review and consider for different types of automations.

  • Understand how to think about automations so that every single concept is easy to rinse and repeat. This is the part that will help you make half of your current salary working only 4 hours.

(Valued at $997)

Phase Two

The Simple Rules To Crafting An Automation Strategy

You’ll learn which shapes and crayons you need to use to design your masterpiece. It will be a proud moment, just like when you took home the first drawing from school as a kid… anyone looking at it knows exactly who is who and what is what on that paper.

We’re putting together squares, boxes, arrows and diamonds to draft the perfect workflow strategy.

  • First, we’ll architect an automation from the data you analyzed in phase one so that you can send over the perfect plan for your client. We’re also going over this step by step so that you understand all of the entry points and the dynamics needed to explain it to your client.

  • Then, we’ll dive into all the tools you need to make it work, how you’ll know when you need certain tools and how to figure out what you need if you’re not quite sure.

  • Finally, we’ll go over how to create the perfect system for naming and tracking systems so that you can find and deliver everything with ease.

  • You’ll also start your portfolio during this process which will include at least one fully mapped out workflow strategy, required systems, naming conventions and delivery model. 

(Valued at $997)

Phase Three

The Nuts & Bolts of Automation

The simple way to say this: You’re bringing your artwork to life. The trees you colored, we’re going to plant them.

So you’re going to choose a platform (you covered this in phase two so don’t panic) and you’re going to build this bad boy!

  • First, you’ll put into action what you analyzed, strategized and architected so that you can deliver a custom automation solution that saves your client time and money. 

  • Then, you’ll test run the entire system to analyze what needs improving and optimizing.

  • You’ll keep a record of what went wrong and what you did to fix it so that you can add troubleshooting methods to your portfolio.

  • Now insert your happy dance here because you’re READY for your certification exam… (now don’t let that word scare you… you got this!)

(Valued at $1497)

You’ll Also Get Access To

All Pre-Certification Prep Content

Module One

Learn all the Tech-Savvy Terms with These Precertification lessons in The Anatomy of Automation

(valued at $197) 

This module explains the basics of automations and funnels, showing why they're crucial online and why your skills are in demand.

You'll learn both what these tools are and the big role you can play using them. It highlights how essential and sought after your expertise is in the digital space.

  • Automation Basics:

    Learn how automation acts like a helpful robot, making your online work easier and faster.

  • Funnel Fundamentals:
    Discover funnels as slides that guide customers from interest to purchase, a highly valued skill.

  • Your Superpower:
    Realize your knowledge of automation and funnels is a sought-after superpower for online business growth.

Module Two

Automation Hacks to help you finish the job quickly and efficiently.

(valued at $197) 

This module teaches you how to quickly learn any software, perfect for meeting tight client deadlines.

You'll discover the similarities between different systems, enabling you to adapt easily and work confidently with new tools. Plus, you'll get tips on how all the major tools connect for creating automations, even if they're new to you.

  • Mastering New Tools Fast:
    Quickly learn any software to confidently meet all your clients' needs.

  • Versatility in Technology:
    Easily switch between different systems, increasing your value to clients.

  • Connecting the Dots:
    Understand the core of popular tools to build effective automations on any platform.

Module Three

Learn how to correctly set up campaigns and sequences to keep clients coming back.

(valued at $197)

In this module, we'll show you how to easily set up campaigns and sequences, and dive into the world of automations.

You'll learn how to use popular tools correctly and why they matter for online success. Plus, you'll pick up quick setup tricks and build a portfolio.

  • Unlocking Campaigns & Sequences:
    Learn how to start campaigns and sequences that connect with customers and boost sales.

  • Mastering Automation Tools:
    Get to know how to properly use digital tools to improve any online business.

  • Creating Your Automation Portfolio:
    Build a portfolio with your automation projects to confidently get your first client.

Module Four

Land Your First Client.

Get excited to learn how to find clients needing your automation skills, set your services and rates, and update your socials to match your new niche.

We'll cover how to confidently talk to clients, set and propose your rates, and make irresistible offers. This module prepares you to start strong and make your mark in the automation world.

(valued at $97)

  • Mastering New Tools Fast:
    Learn how to quickly master new software and confidently meet client needs on any platform.

  • Versatility in Technology:
    Learn to use many different systems easily, making you more valuable to clients.

  • Connecting the Dots:
    Discover how popular tools work and create effective systems on any platform.

Turn your skills into an automation expert role with Automation Formation.

This presentation video series breaks things down more so you can build your confidence easier and faster. It also includes captions and transcripts.

(valued at $297)

Step By Step Recipe Cards To Help You Confidently Work With Your Clients

Build your first or next automation with confidence. These recipe cards were designed to help you finish client jobs quickly and easily. Absolutely no guessing! They're also a great asset to help you practice and build your portfolio.

(valued at $197) 

Learn How To Craft Your Automations Correctly With The Platform And Project Automation Tutorials

Designed to help you finish client jobs quickly and easily. Absolutely no guessing! They're also a great asset to help you practice and build your portfolio.

(valued at $197) 

Learn How To Craft Your Automations Correctly With The Platform And Project Automation Tutorials

Designed to help you finish client jobs quickly and easily. Absolutely no guessing! They're also a great asset to help you practice and build your portfolio.

Abandon Cart, Failed Payment and Nurture Sequence

  • Kajabi

  • Convert Kit

  • Ontraport

  • Go High Level


  • Bookkeeping

  • Webinar Management

  • Database Management

  • Deadline Funnels Set Ups

  • Podcast, Summit and video recording management

(valued at $697)

and of course we have BONUSES...

Bonus #1

Learn how to set the right prices for your packages and master setting up bots.

We'll show you the ropes on using bots for your clients—can't skip the good stuff!

(valued at $97)

Bonus #2

Kickstart your journey by landing your first automation client with our Success Toolbox.

Quickly grab your client's details and get the hang of their processes—no sweat! Right from the start, you'll both be on the path to success, and your client will definitely notice the extra effort you put into getting things rolling smoothly.

(valued at $48)

Bonus #3

10+ Guest Expert Sessions for you to binge on..

Gain valuable insights with over 10 guest expert sessions, each packed with specialized knowledge and practical advice. These sessions are designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your skills in key areas.

(valued at $3000)

Total Value $8515

Regular Price $1997

Today’s Price = $997

(or 12 payments of $97)

Think of this certification as your way to quit your job and find flexible work that fits any lifestyle.

  • Enroll in a trusted program that delivers results, or your money back

  • Spend 30 minutes a day doing course work so that you can start talking to clients by week six. Gain tech skills that help you make money online even if you're not sure how to copy and paste yet.

  • Know exactly where to look to get clients without added stress Secure the best clients and make 5 times more than what you spent on the course 

  • Work from home or wherever you want - but commute only on your own terms

  • Confidently quit your day job for your side hustle so that you can live the life you want

  • Spend more time with family, homeschool or travel the world working 4 days a week, 4 hours a day and making more money than your job paid you!

Your Automatic Assurance

  • If you buy this course, finish all the modules and still have no idea how automations work for online entrepreneurs, email me at [email protected] and you’ll trigger an automation for an instant refund.

  • If you finish this course and you’re still baffled at the thought of working with an application you’ve never heard or seen, email me at [email protected] and you’ll trigger an automation for an instant refund.

  • If you finish this course, attempt to set up an automation; test it, fix it and it still doesn’t work email me at [email protected] and you’ll trigger an automation for an instant refund.

Starting as a virtual assistant is hard when you’re in a traditional job - so every attempt counts!

Plus, if you’re on borrowed hours trying to earn extra income you’ll be giving up all the time you have left with your kids, family and getting out for all the hobbies.

You’ll scroll social media and see your friends on the trip and your family at the wedding you were invited to… but you’re missing out because your time off request was denied.

This no-brainer investment in Anatomy of Automation will help you side-hustle profitably, and plan for a life outside of that dreaded work schedule so you can quit your job and do anything you want before retirement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other AOA Students

Have Wondered

Bring it on—below, you'll find a list of the most common questions I get about Anatomy of Automations. Want a bit more support? Email us at [email protected] my team or myself will get back with you.

If I learn the skills from the Anatomy of Automation, what can I charge my clients?

The basic rate for general administrative virtual assistant services, community management and social media management is $20 an hour, when you become an automation specialist, you can start at $40-$50 per hour. When you move into the advanced level you can charge anywhere from $60 to $120 an hour or put together packages.

I never heard of remote work like this - do I need experience?

You can start with this course. It gives you all the basics you need to get started from the ground up.

Can I cancel my membership when I finish all the modules?

The course is $997 with a payment plan of $97 per month. This is not a membership, it’s a flexible payment plan.

How long is access to the community?

You have a year of support in the community with the option to extend if you wish.

Do I need to purchase any software?

Not at all - unless you want to.

Do I need coding or IT skills to take this?

No, but you need to be ready to learn, computer savvy and open to acquiring new tech skills and techniques. If you never understood Microsoft Office, Google Docs drives you nuts, and you’re not sure if you PM someone on Facebook messenger or write it on the public timeline... this may be a hard pill to swallow too. You can still learn, but come with patience and expect to take longer than 6 weeks if you have zero computer skills.

I’m already a Virtual Assistant - can I do this?

YES! The Automation Formation lessons will walk you through what you need to do to transition.

Would this make it easier for me to find clients?

Definitely! When online entrepreneurs advertise remote opportunities for general VAs and SMMs they get hundreds of applications. When they advertise for someone who understands the tech behind automations… CRICKETS! They get less than ten applications, it’s like everyone pleads the 5th! This means less competition and you stand a better chance.

Will I make my money back from this course?

Here’s the deal… If you buy this course and finish all the modules, you will have all the skills you need to 10x your investment (and more). However, if you buy the course and never take it, you won’t see the results.  

If you follow the easy steps to finding clients (‘cause if nobody knows what you do, I’m 99.9% positive that you won’t make your money back 😉), you will easily recover your investment.

In fact, I’m so confident that Anatomy of Automation gives you EVERYTHING you need to crush it as a high paid tech virtual assistant that I’ve backed it with my 100% ‘Automatic Assurance’ Guarantee.

The only thing I can’t guarantee is how you show up -  that, my friend, is up to you!

Everything you'll get inside Anatomy of Automation

  • The Language of Automation (valued at $997)

  • The Simple Rules To Crafting An Automation Strategy (valued at $997)

  • The Nuts & Bolts of Automation (valued at $1497)

You’ll Also Get Access To All Pre-Certification Prep Content:

  • Learn all the Tech-Savvy Terms with These Pre-Certification lessons in The Anatomy of Automation (valued at $197) 

  • Turn your skills into an Automation Expert Role with Automation Formation (valued at $297)

  • Automation Hacks to Help You Finish the Job Quickly and Efficiently (valued at $197)

  • Understand What Campaigns and Sequences Are and How to Set Them Up Correctly so you can Keep Clients on Retainer (valued at $197)

  • Land Your First Client (valued at $97)

  • Use Your Current Skills To Transform Into An Automation Specialist with Automation Formation (valued at $297)

  • Step-By-Step Recipe Cards To Help You Confidently Work With Your Clients (valued at $197) 

And of course, bonuses…

  • Bonus Lessons To Help You Price Packages Correctly and Get Familiar with Setting up Bots. We'll show you the ropes on using bots for your clients—can't skip the good stuff! (valued at $97)

  • Bonus Assets so that you have what you need to start working with your first automation client (valued at $48)

  • Learn How To Craft Your Automations Correctly With The  Platform and Project Automation Tutorials (valued at $697)

  • Kickstart your journey by landing your first automation client with our Success Toolbox (valued at $48)

  • 10 + Guest Expert Sessions for you to binge on (valued at $3000)

Total Value $8515

Regular Price $1997

Today’s Price = $997

(or 12 payments of $97)

What the AOA Students Say...

At the end of the day...

The choice is in YOUR hands.

You can run off to Instagram and TikTok and comment “Tell me how” everytime you see someone gloating about their remote job and flexible lifestyle and fill your saved items with tips that you’ll never start working on. If that’s your way, I respect that!

Now if you want to come hang with someone who started working remotely in the car (yes you read that correctly) while at the day job and now has almost a decade of automation experience bundled into my easy to learn Automation Pro Method, this is your time to shine.

Skip Google University because you’ll waste the time you don’t even have (and spend more years at a job you don’t like) and get everything you need to be successful online right at the tip of your fingers.

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